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About us

We founded GREEN BAG COFFEE in 2017, we started as a small coffee bar selling bean and ground coffee from our friend Ron to friends, acquaintances and neighbors in the area. From there we grew, we integrated breakfasts and drinks in the bar and a industrial coffee maker workshop, the pandemic arrived, times came where we transformed, evolved and grew as a team until today, consolidating with a restaurant, a coffee shop, at the UNAY (University of Artes of Yucatan)  coffee shop mobile and online store. Today we have a wide range of services around this immense world of coffee, we are in contact with producers, roasters, coffee shops, technical workshops and general coffee-loving public in order to satisfy the needs of our clients in Mexico and in the world. 





Contact us

64th street #547 x 67 and 69 San Juan neighborhood

Calle 55 x 46 and 48 Coffee shop UNAY


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Service hours

Monday to Sunday 7am-11pm (San Juan branch)

Monday to Saturday 8 am-3 pm (UNAY branch)


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